Shipping method and cost

All pampas are sent in strong postal tubes to protect them during transit.

UK shipping cost is £5 (Hermes) and International shipping is £15 for most orders, however some heavier items such as large vases will inccure higher shipping charges.

Dispatch Time: We aim to dispatch all UK orders in 2-3 working days, International orders may take slightly longer to be dispatched due to using a different shipping method.

If you are purchasing pampas and one of the big vases (not including Kimmy Vases) your order may arrive in two separate packages.

Unfortuantely we are not able to send Pampas to Australia due to customs not allowing import of dried flowers to Australia.

Dispatch Email

We are not able to send out an email when your item is dispatched as we usually process your order and create a lable straight away but it can then take a day or two for it to get packaged. You will however receive an email with tracking details from Hermes (UK orderd only) once yoru parcel has been handed over to them.


Pre-Order Items

If some items in your order are pre-order items, all items will be sent out together when the pre-order item is back in stock.

Do you accept returns

If you are not happy with your order we are happy to accept your return. In order to start a return please send us an email to for further instructions.

How to care for Pampas

Pampas are a natural dried flower/grass so they do not require to be watered.

When your pampas arrive, they will look a bit flat from being compressed in the tube. In order to fluff them up, give each stem a gentle shake and use a hairdryer on each stem. Keep rotating the stem as you are hairdying it and gradually increase the temperature and speed if needed. It is normal for pampas to shed during this process.

If you notice your pampas shedding you can hairspray the plume to minimize this.

With time dust will accumulate on your pampas, so its recommended to give each stem a gentle shake outside from time to time.

How to style my Pampas

From dealing with different types of pampas and using various different vases, I have come to a conclusion that the shape and size of your vase is extremly important. So if you put your pampas in a vase and they dont look how you want them to, do not panic! I have found that the vases with small opening at the top make our Pampas look the best, while those with a large opening make the Pampas sit at a funny angle. The best thing to do is try a few different shaped vases and find the one that suits your pampas the best!

Sometimes if your pampas are too tall, trimming the ends might make them look nicer in a particular vase shape.

Wholesale and Large Quantities

If you are looking to get large quantities of pampas for a wedding/event or for wholesale, please get in touch.